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The 2017 Xmas Party

The 2017 Xmas Party.

Father Christmas came to visit the children and deliver presents. It was amazing to see their faces light up and the work we’re doing is once again making a difference.



Pyjama Party













ECR Pajama Party at Pen Y Fan Pond – Join us with your family and meet new friends at ECR’s Pyjama Party. Come dressed in your Pyjamas for a family stroll around Pen-y-Fan pond. This will be followed by milk and cookies and some open air bedtime stories on the grass.

Bring your favourite bed time story to share with others, enjoy some new tales and choose a book to add to your collection. Teddy Bears welcome but there will be preloved bedtime story buddies looking for loving new homes!

The suggested donation is £5 per child (includes milk & cookies and a preloved book and soft toy). Any and all donations are gratefully received. If you would like to support us further with additional sponsorship please contact Laura on for a sponsor form.

The Kiosk will be open for the purchase of refreshments for the Big Kids (not included). Find out more here. 

Cycle Update 2017


It is that time of year again when we ask for your support through our annual Half-A-Perfect-World Cycle Marathon 2017. Once again we are riding half in Romania and half in New Zealand – but this time two of our New Zealand riders will be joining us in Constanta. Warren & his wife Nadine have agreed to join us on our Romanian leg of the trip. Find out more here. 

Hope in 2017


When all around can seem overwhelming, when you want to curl up and sleep for a year, when it would be easier to give in to the doubters…let me encourage you with a message of hope that was given to me.

Not so long ago I was on the verge of packing it all in with regard to the work of Everyone’s Child Romania,(ECR). By all opinions,”…the work had finished…the children were grown and should be allowed to go their own way…”. Logically these opinions seemed correct, and I was beginning to bow to the weight of their arguments. As I tried to put up counter arguments I was told repeatedly that,”…I was thinking with my heart, instead of my head…”. But I had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind, well it came from a bit lower, which reverberated to an insistent beat…’don’t turn away from this work, these children…there’s more to be revealed ‘. So I resisted the strong logical opinions, even though it made life hard, it was so demoralising, so frustrating…. but for 3 years I resisted, thinking that there was another plan waiting for us, if only I would be patient.

And my patience was rewarded…just as I was at my lowest. Along came people who could see a future for ECR, who shared my enthusiasm and vision, a vision that is vital to keep alive a long-term project….along came, Jim & Kath, Merriel, Shirley, Debbie, Diane, & Corina…and, together with the constant support groups who have stayed with us over the years, ECR /ACT was re- born.
But, along with the rebirth of ECR in UK, there had to be a renewed purpose to the work for it to flourish…and this too was revealed soon after new ‘encouragers’ came aboard. *New cases of HIV-infected children being recommended by the clinic/ hospital here…all desperately poor, all without any support. And this is the niche of ECR to take on the cases that no-one else would, to catch the ones that would otherwise slip through the net, and be forgotten, lost to the world.
[*These cases are from mother-baby transfer, the mothers being from the original cohort of infected children that had been without any psycho-social care through their lives, (there were over 600 original cases in Constanta county). ]

So we have a ‘renewed purpose’….well 24 of them actually, all under 13 years old and desperate for some hope. Together with the work we still have to do with the original group, building their self-esteem in order to find work and independence, eg: the Family Greenhouse Project. Light-4-Life Project. We now provide holistic care for this new younger group of children…a group that would have been lost if I hadn’t listened to ‘my intuition’, if I hadn’t had faith that God had other plans for us, and patience so He could put the right people in place to ensure that the work goes on…
Be encouraged…be full of hope that at your lowest ebb, when all your plans seem shattered…God has another plan for you

Our wish for a peaceful, hope-filled New Year, for us all…

Love & blessings…and heartfelt thanks for your support,
Paul, Cosmin, Mihaela & Alina x


New van – update

New van 1Well it’s been a slow train coming, over 2 years fund-raising, but we finally managed to raise enough funds to buy our new van ☺

The Dacia/Renault Dokker is a good bit smaller than the old V/W we bought 13 years ago, but hopefully it will prove to be as tough as it’s name and like the ex-winger for Wales, Shane Williams, ‘small but perfectly formed’. Personally I’d be happy if it starts when I turn on the ignition ☺.

The ‘photo-shoot’ was done by one of our clients, Elena Musat, who is forming a reputation as an excellent photographer… she even made me look half decent. In case there are new supporters among you, the others are, (L-R), Mihaela, (our Social Worker), Alina, (p/t events organisor + f/t wife + personal encourager), Cosmin, (Social Assistant + driver).

I’m happy to inform you that this Dacia did not come with a plastic carrier bag, as did the first van I bought here in 2000. Let me explain. After a lengthy wait for the arrival of my new van, when I was allowed to finally pick up the van I was given a plastic bag by the sales-person. On enquiring what this was for he just smiled and said, ‘This is very important accessory for a new Dacia’.

Thinking this was some ‘in-joke’ between the Dacia staff I ignored him, and drove off into the sunset. A week later I was back at the dealership with a better understanding and a plastic bag full of door handles, knobs and screws, that had come away in my hand as I attempted to turn on the fan or open the window. Every couple of weeks, while the van was under guarantee, the staff would re-stick my bag full of bits…that plastic bag sure was a necessary accessory ☺.

New van 2This time we did thorough research before this van purchase and I’m assured by many independent sources that the new Renault-Dacia company has built up a reputation that is now almost as good as V/W-Skoda. That’s good, I think ☺.

I would just like to offer a big thank you to everyone who contributed, in the UK, Romania, New Zealand, Austria, Switzerland, Canada and USA.

A special mention should made of the contributions from the family Zafiropulo from Christ Church in Vienna, who donated their ‘flower money’ from the funeral of their daughter, who tragically passed away earlier this year. And a big thank you to Warren and our friends in New Zealand who made a massive effort last year with their Cycle Marathon. Also our team here in Romania has worked very hard with various events.

Finally I would like to mention individuals who have made what I would call a sacrificial effort/ donation: Sister Elizabeth from Dublin, (who started this particular ball rolling with her donation), Norman from Jersey, Spencer from Chepstow, and the Jacksons from USA. But that’s not to diminish the efforts of anyone else, every GBP/$/Euro/RON has made this purchase possible.

This has been a truly international effort and our families wish me to pass on their deep gratitude for all your efforts to sustain them, and encourage them to keep going.


Every blessing to you and yours,

#Paul & the Romanian Team & families.