Hope in 2017


When all around can seem overwhelming, when you want to curl up and sleep for a year, when it would be easier to give in to the doubters…let me encourage you with a message of hope that was given to me.

Not so long ago I was on the verge of packing it all in with regard to the work of Everyone’s Child Romania,(ECR). By all opinions,”…the work had finished…the children were grown and should be allowed to go their own way…”. Logically these opinions seemed correct, and I was beginning to bow to the weight of their arguments. As I tried to put up counter arguments I was told repeatedly that,”…I was thinking with my heart, instead of my head…”. But I had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind, well it came from a bit lower, which reverberated to an insistent beat…’don’t turn away from this work, these children…there’s more to be revealed ‘. So I resisted the strong logical opinions, even though it made life hard, it was so demoralising, so frustrating…. but for 3 years I resisted, thinking that there was another plan waiting for us, if only I would be patient.

And my patience was rewarded…just as I was at my lowest. Along came people who could see a future for ECR, who shared my enthusiasm and vision, a vision that is vital to keep alive a long-term project….along came, Jim & Kath, Merriel, Shirley, Debbie, Diane, & Corina…and, together with the constant support groups who have stayed with us over the years, ECR /ACT was re- born.
But, along with the rebirth of ECR in UK, there had to be a renewed purpose to the work for it to flourish…and this too was revealed soon after new ‘encouragers’ came aboard. *New cases of HIV-infected children being recommended by the clinic/ hospital here…all desperately poor, all without any support. And this is the niche of ECR to take on the cases that no-one else would, to catch the ones that would otherwise slip through the net, and be forgotten, lost to the world.
[*These cases are from mother-baby transfer, the mothers being from the original cohort of infected children that had been without any psycho-social care through their lives, (there were over 600 original cases in Constanta county). ]

So we have a ‘renewed purpose’….well 24 of them actually, all under 13 years old and desperate for some hope. Together with the work we still have to do with the original group, building their self-esteem in order to find work and independence, eg: the Family Greenhouse Project. Light-4-Life Project. We now provide holistic care for this new younger group of children…a group that would have been lost if I hadn’t listened to ‘my intuition’, if I hadn’t had faith that God had other plans for us, and patience so He could put the right people in place to ensure that the work goes on…
Be encouraged…be full of hope that at your lowest ebb, when all your plans seem shattered…God has another plan for you

Our wish for a peaceful, hope-filled New Year, for us all…

Love & blessings…and heartfelt thanks for your support,
Paul, Cosmin, Mihaela & Alina x


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