Winter supplies

Organisational help

Supporting families who have HIV/AIDS infected children by supplying material, financial and medical assistance (not anti–viral medication).

Providing both material and counselling support to the families at times of particular need e.g. bereavement.

Providing educational support together with the Local Education Authority

  • setting up an educational programme for the whole community on ‘Living with HIV/AIDS’
  • re-introducing children with HIV into the education system

Providing information to the families on the financial/material support available from the local government bodies

Together with a local convent we have set up a Respite Care collaboration. Here families with severely sick and/or handicapped children can find some peace and relief from their normal lives.

First fruits

Care in the community

The inital aim of setting up a Care in the Community Project is extremely cost-effective in that many families over a wide area can be helped with minimal expenditure. The facilities needed to set up and run such a project are basic; a stores deposit, a vehicle and one small apartment.

The cost of salaries is kept low because few personnel are needed. Expenses are low because of volunteer staff and donated materials; this mean that costs in Wales and the UK are minimal.

At the present, Paul is concentrating all his efforts on caring for around 50 families aiming to support them continuously over a long period.

The main projects that have developed from the initial Care in the Community Project are:

  • Family Greenhouse Project – see photo above
  • Food Self Sufficiency Project – buy goats, incubators, and crops
  • Small Group Therapy/Occupational Therapy Project – to resolve psycho-social issues
  • After-school Initiative – source training/further education/work for the older clients
Children at the beach

Activities for the children

Because our clients walk a razor’s edge between life and death it is so important that we balance the practical help with some joy. So depending on the time of year we try to bring a little light to our little lights.

This care includes treats for the children such as trips and picnics. Also a special birthday gift and a Christmas party.

We value everyone’s support and if you feel able to support the work of Everyone’s Child – Romania we would be so pleased to hear from you.