How you can help us

Girl sitting on bedThe most effective way you can help these HIV-infected young people is by giving to the charity by a regular standing order. A regular income helps us to budget, and to plan the vital new schemes that help them achieve an independent adult life. Even £1 a month will help our effort, so please send whatever you can spare.

It also helps Paul in his dealings with authorities in Romania, as he is able to tell them of the number of people backing him in the UK.

If you feel you can support in this way, please print off this form and send it to the address given.

Please note that giving to us through Gift Aid allows us to recoup tax on your donation.

There are many ways in which you can help, if you wish: giving good quality goods to the charity shops, running fundraisers on our behalf, holding coffee mornings, organising sponsored walks/runs/swims/cycle rides… and prayer support.

The ECR 777 Club is a response to the need for regular, reliable funding for the work of Everyone’s Child – Romania. Based on the 7th verse of the 7th chapter in the 7th book of the Bible, where Gideon’s Three Hundred defeated an army, we are looking for 300 people to help us defeat the injustice of poverty and sickness in Romania.

Are you one of the 300 people determined to support the work of Everyone’s Child – Romania by pledging £7 a month to finance the day-to-day work of this ministry?