New van – update

New van 1Well it’s been a slow train coming, over 2 years fund-raising, but we finally managed to raise enough funds to buy our new van ☺

The Dacia/Renault Dokker is a good bit smaller than the old V/W we bought 13 years ago, but hopefully it will prove to be as tough as it’s name and like the ex-winger for Wales, Shane Williams, ‘small but perfectly formed’. Personally I’d be happy if it starts when I turn on the ignition ☺.

The ‘photo-shoot’ was done by one of our clients, Elena Musat, who is forming a reputation as an excellent photographer… she even made me look half decent. In case there are new supporters among you, the others are, (L-R), Mihaela, (our Social Worker), Alina, (p/t events organisor + f/t wife + personal encourager), Cosmin, (Social Assistant + driver).

I’m happy to inform you that this Dacia did not come with a plastic carrier bag, as did the first van I bought here in 2000. Let me explain. After a lengthy wait for the arrival of my new van, when I was allowed to finally pick up the van I was given a plastic bag by the sales-person. On enquiring what this was for he just smiled and said, ‘This is very important accessory for a new Dacia’.

Thinking this was some ‘in-joke’ between the Dacia staff I ignored him, and drove off into the sunset. A week later I was back at the dealership with a better understanding and a plastic bag full of door handles, knobs and screws, that had come away in my hand as I attempted to turn on the fan or open the window. Every couple of weeks, while the van was under guarantee, the staff would re-stick my bag full of bits…that plastic bag sure was a necessary accessory ☺.

New van 2This time we did thorough research before this van purchase and I’m assured by many independent sources that the new Renault-Dacia company has built up a reputation that is now almost as good as V/W-Skoda. That’s good, I think ☺.

I would just like to offer a big thank you to everyone who contributed, in the UK, Romania, New Zealand, Austria, Switzerland, Canada and USA.

A special mention should made of the contributions from the family Zafiropulo from Christ Church in Vienna, who donated their ‘flower money’ from the funeral of their daughter, who tragically passed away earlier this year. And a big thank you to Warren and our friends in New Zealand who made a massive effort last year with their Cycle Marathon. Also our team here in Romania has worked very hard with various events.

Finally I would like to mention individuals who have made what I would call a sacrificial effort/ donation: Sister Elizabeth from Dublin, (who started this particular ball rolling with her donation), Norman from Jersey, Spencer from Chepstow, and the Jacksons from USA. But that’s not to diminish the efforts of anyone else, every GBP/$/Euro/RON has made this purchase possible.

This has been a truly international effort and our families wish me to pass on their deep gratitude for all your efforts to sustain them, and encourage them to keep going.


Every blessing to you and yours,

#Paul & the Romanian Team & families.

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